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Chora Sfakion (Sfakia) in Crete

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Chora Sfakion (Hora Sfakion or Sfakia) is a peaceful tiny village with a small beach and pretty little natural harbour with fishing boats, overlooked by tiered houses, and tavernas which front the sea.

Chora Sfakion or Hora Sfakion

It is the central town for the region known as Sfakia, which is renowned for its proud and fierce people, whosehospitality is as large as their reputation. Sfakiots struggled to retaintheir freedom from the Venetian, Turkish and German occupations, throughout the centuries and with one look at this largely mountainous area on thesouth-west coast, you know it to be untameable. Thousands of troops were evacuated from here to North Africa after the Battle for Crete in 1941.

Ferry boats arrive and leave the harbour each day to go to other villages and towns along to the west, and late each afternoon, in the summer months, they start arriving with the weary walkers from the Samaria Gorge.

The walkers quickly go on their way, to once again let the village sink into its peaceful reverie.


Chora Sfakion or Hora Sfakion Crete
crete Chora Sfakion or Hora Sfakion
Chora Sfakion or Hora Sfakion Crete
crete Chora Sfakion or Hora Sfakion
Chora Sfakion or Hora Sfakion Crete
crete Chora Sfakion or Hora Sfakion
Chora Sfakion or Hora Sfakion Crete
crete Chora Sfakion or Hora Sfakion

Hotels & apartments in Chora Sfakion
Tel/fax: +33 (0)4 93 37 81 63 --- Mobile: +33 (0)6 08 37 02 49
Address in France: 20, Boulevard Joseph Garnier F-06000 Nice
Address in Greece: Astrikas - Chania - Crete

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Top beaches.  Crete, Greece
Kouremenos near Paleokastro (North-Estern Crete)
A real magnet for windsurfers from all over the world, who find ideal wind-wave combinations.
Rihti - Exo Mouliana near Mochlos (North-Eastern Crete)
Two hours walk through the Rihtis gorge, which is a beautiful path that culminates with Rihtis waterfall near Rihtis beach, will take you to one of the most secluded beaches of the island.
Istron or Kalo Chorio (North-Estern Crete)
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Kato Zakros (Estern Crete)
If you follow the two hours long footpath through the “gorge of the dead” you will be rewarded with the view of a magnificent beach but also of the Minoan Palace of Zakros destroyed on 1450 B.C. possibly by a Thira (Santorini) volcano explosion.
Hiona near Paleokastro (North-Estern Crete)
Shallow waters for the kids and young swimmers, and a well known - all over the island - local fish soup.
Aghia Fotia - Sitia (South-Estern Crete)
We are not talking about the district with the same name at Ierapetra, here we find ourselves 7 kms east of Sitia in an area where the biggest cemetery of Minoan Crete was discovered.
Xerokambos – Sitia (South-Estern Crete)
Thousands of lilies at the eastern part of Crete fill the atmosphere with sensual vibes.

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